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The Journey

What would THE BEE be without Bees? For the past 15 years this place has been know as ‘de Bijenstal’ – a imkerij and bee keeping museum. When we purchased the property in summer 2021 it came together with just five remaining bee colonies and a variety of machines and material. It’s been a steep learning curve (and plenty of stings).  This summer (2022) the colonies are back to full strength and expanded to 10 hives.  We can now expect to harvest our first own honey.  As the name THE BEE suggests, the apiary will play a central role moving forward. We have started working together with the National Beekeeping Association – Noord Holland and are looking at further developing the property into a regional hub for beekeeper and nature enthusiasts alike. Along the way we hope to play our part in protecting this amazing species. Amongst other projects,. we are planning to create a bee friendly garden with plenty of bio diversity.  


When you come and visit, perhaps check if we’re running an excursion/ course you might want to participate. But most certainly don’t leave without trying our honey

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